Two Portable Appliances That Make Sharing a Hotel Room 100% More Bearable

Is there a road trip in your future? You can leave the kitchen sink behind, but it might benefit you to pack an easy-to-use portable washing machine.

Why? Because sharing a hotel room can suck. I know from experience.

Hotels in Toronto aren’t cheap. Unless you’re willing to take your chances on a rundown joint that still uses colour TV as a selling point (which I’m not), you’re likely to shell out at least a hundred bucks a night to stay in the city. Airbnb is a more affordable alternative, but it can be hard to find a decent place on the outskirts of town.

So when I make my yearly pilgrimage to Anime North each May, I always shack up with four to six particular friends and split the bill. It’s the only way to make the trip affordable for the likes of us.

Sharing a hotel room with a half-dozen fellow geeks can be a blast. I’ve made some great memories playing board games on a king-size bed with pizza boxes scattered everywhere.

Here’s the thing, though. As much as I love my fellow nerds, we always don’t have the highest regard for personal hygiene or personal space. Pack six of us into a tiny hotel room and it can get real gross real fast.

The best solution? Come prepared. Arm yourself with appliances to fight the good fight.

  1. Portable washing machine. No, I’m not talking a bucket and washboard: I mean an actual modern washing machine. I didn’t even know these came in portable form until I went looking for it, but it’s a lifesaver. This easy-to-use portable washing machine from Costco is a bargain at under $500.
  2. Portable dishwasher. Hotel rooms don’t come with a kitchen sink, and it’s probably inadvisable to pack your own. Bring a portable dishwasher + a few plates and forks and you’ll instantly cut down on the amount of trash in the room. The best portable dishwashers even come with a water softener to cut down on the streaky-glass effect.

Sure, this is probably overkill for a weekend away. But for a longer road trip? Definitely preferable to living in a filthy hotel room.

Has anyone else ever brought a portable washing machine on a trip? What’s the best portable dishwasher you’ve used? Any tips on training your friends not to store garbage behind the headboard? Let me know what you think.

Writing Challenge – Bonus Marks

writeCaught your eye with “Bonus Marks” didn’t I!?  Yep, thought so.  So yes, this will be for bonus marks, and yes, this is a hard challenge.  However, it is 100% possible for each and every one of you to accept and complete this challenge.  Nothing will be marked, but if you complete this challenge, then you will get 2% added on to your final mark.  So if you end with an 88%, by completing this challenge, your mark will be 90%.  Got it?  Get it? Good!  Now onto the good stuff…

To improve your writing skills, I’d like you to start your own journal or diary and write an entry every day from Monday – Friday.  Each entry can be about whatever you want/anything that comes to your mind.  I’m going to set the minimum amount of words per post to 150 words.  So that’s at least 150 words of anything you want to write about per day, from Monday – Friday.  I’d say that’s definitely doable.  I won’t be reading every single entry, but will be flipping through at the end of the year to make sure that you’ve completed this writing challenge.  This challenge is to help improve your writing skills and to hone in on your interests.

This will be a hard challenge.  There will be days when you get writer’s block.  There will be days when you have absolutely nothing to talk about or say.  Whatever tools you need to help you with this challenge, you can go for it.  Just obviously no plagiarizing (I think that’s a given), and no writing stuff down over and over again (like Bart Simpson in the beginning of the Simpsons).  This is to help you, so take your time writing in your journals, and try to make each one of high quality.

Some things you can write about are your experiences, your day, your goals, movies, music, what you ate, etc.  You can even use this challenge for food and exercise diaries.  You can write about what you ate that day and how it affects your health and body.  If you like writing poems, go ahead and write a different poem each day.  All I’m looking for is quality content – something that shows me you’ve put thought into each entry, and it’s not just a random babble of words.

So put yourself to the test and see if you can accomplish this challenge!  It gives you bonus marks and will help improve your writing.  Best of both worlds, am I right?

Oh, and one more thing – you cannot use a computer to type this out, you must write it in a notebook with your own hands.  Just to clarify.

Lessons, Study Materials And More!

Welcome students!

booksThought I would start this website in order to post lessons, study materials, fun stuff and more.  You can find all classroom information on this blog (eventually), so you don’t have to hassle me every time you need info on the assignment due next week (I’ve got a life too as a teacher!).

There will also be available readings on here if I’m able to find the publications online.  I’ll also post interesting readings/articles that are relevant to our lessons.  I’m also going to try to set up some sort of forum, so if you have any thoughts or ideas you’d like to share, you’re able to with the entire class!

With that being said, here’s a funny Shakespearean parody video:

I’m also looking into ways of submitting your assignments online.  As this is an English class, I don’t need your assignments to be hand written or anything.  Plus, it will save paper which is always a positive!

So that’s it for now.  Please check back as I will be using this blog more often to post assignments and required readings!

Thanks everyone,

Mr. Johnson